Sunshine Act Compliance for your Meetings and Events.
Spend Reporting and Electronic Signatures from attendees who receive a transfer of value at any of your meetings or events.

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Sunshine Act and Attendee Reporting Tool

iPad app and Web Portal collect information for compliance with the Sunshine act. Ideal for dinner meetings, symposia, and advisory boards.

  • > Onsite NPI lookup and high volume NPI matching utility
  • > Electronic Signature (iPad)
  • > State Alerts
  • > Can work stand-alone or with existing registration system

Organizes, archives, and reports :

  • > All attendee information
  • > Individual Session Attendance (Ad Boards)
  • > Signatures with compliance statement and timestamp
  • > Capture Cost and Data necessary for Compliance
  • > Export Data for upload to aggregate spend system

Sign4Compliance Available on the App Store

iPad App Functionality

  • Electronic Signature
    • Attesting to Event/Individual Specific Compliance Statement
  • Full Meeting Management
    • Use stand-alone or with Management Portal
    • Create Meetings, Add/Edit Attendees
    • NPI Lookups/Confirmation with State Alerts
    • Attendance, "Did not Consume" functionality
  • State Alerts
    • Instant Alert if attendee is from a restrictive state
    • (i.e. VT, MN, CA or DC)

Cloud-Based Service

  • > Unlimited number of users
  • > Unlimited events and registrants
  • > Instant sync between dashboard and iPad
  • > Multiple iPads can be used on-site

Import Registrants Simply and Quickly with Excel Spreadsheets

  • > Export from existing meeting management system
  • > Find and remove duplicate entries

NPI Lookup Utilities Throughout

All available in FREE account [Start Now]

  • Bulk NPI Matching - High volume
    • quickly match everyone on a registration list
    • or upload list via Excel file
  • Instant NPI Look Up
    • when adding or editing registrants (iPad or Portal)
    • imports field information from NPI database
  • Reports
    • Download a spreadsheet with registrant data plus matching NPI record information
State Alert is preconfigured to alert you if any NPI information matches VT,MN,CA,DC

Create and Export Reports

  • Full Reporting
    • Excel and PDF formats
  • Electronic Signatures
    • Full Attendee Info, Compliance Statement, Timestamp
  • Aggregate Spend Information
    • Data typical for submission to aggregate spend system
  • Direct submission to Aggregate Spend
    • [Enterprise System] customization for upload to specific aggregate spend systems

State Alert

  • Sign4Compliance will now alert you if one of your registrants or attendees is licensed or practices in a state requiring special attention, whether they register onsite (iPAd) or online.
Capri Meeting Manager

When you need more Features such as:

  • Event Management
    • Logistics, to do lists, venue confirmation, transportation, correspondence
    • Handles multiple types of meetings – Tours, dinner, in-office, training, etc.
  • List Management & Invitation Processing
    • Incorporate and track Invitees from lists, CRM in a consistent way
    • Generate Invitations for rep delivery
    • Integration with your Target List
  • Registration
    • Online (Web) and ON-Site (iPAd or PC)
  • Speaker Support Portal
    • Provides training, approved downloads, event calendar, and more..
  • Rep Support and Portal
    • Initiate Meeting requests, event calendar, relevant downloads and more..
  • All Sign4Compliance Functionality
    • All Sign4Compliance Features Included
    • iPad App with Electronic Signatures and Attendance
  • Reporting
    • Attendee participation, financial, custom
    • Compliance including Sunshine Act reports
    • Complete Cost Tracking
capri - comprehensive meeting management system

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