Blue Grotto Technologies, Inc. - Case Study Online Learning and Training

Online Training and Learning Case Study

Online Training


A pharmaceutical company needed to educate and train their Regional Sales Service (RSS) personnel (part of professional services). This education was required as part of their initial orientation and continued on throughout their career.

  • Continual and ongoing training within the professional services departments at a pharmaceutical company


Make sure that newly hired RSSs took their training, passed their tests, and continued to do so when notified of more course work.

  • Different types of employees' had different curriculums
  • Managers had to keep track of the reps that report to them, in a hierarchal way
  • New material all the time
  • Different employees had different levels of material
  • Not all tests were objective


A secure, online educational portal was needed to host and present content, assess knowledge and performance RSSs, and notify participants when new content was available. The system also had to notify their regional manager(s) regarding the individual RSS's participation and performance.

  • System had to house volumes of programs
  • System had to assign groups of programs (curriculum) to each individual employee
  • System had to update proper supervisors of reps activity
  • System had to apply and score objective tests, and triage subject tests to correct grader
  • System had to provide reports and certification status


Blue Grotto built a custom learning platform capable of meeting all their needs. We even included competitive games on the site to encourage engagement and enhance learning which made for a more enjoyable experience. This was a custom built learning system, and we are equally qualified and capable of implementing this process in a more standard LMS system, including Moodle based platforms.