Blue Grotto Technologies, Inc. - CME Resource Center

CME Resource Center

The Blue Grotto CME Resource Center is a comprehensive learning management system for continuing medical education. Accredited content can be uploaded and delivered in a wide variety of learning formats, with full capabilities to assess and measure learning, track participation, and provide certification.

Blue Grotto CME Resource Center

  • Provides complete control to add content, create surveys, pre-and post-tests, evaluations, and certificates. Greatly reduces costs of posting programs, activities, and enduring materials
  • Creates loyalty, expands your users, increases your value proposition to supporting organizations
  • Reduces the effort to adhere to ACCME guidelines, including PARs

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  • Assists Health Care Professionals maintain CME credits • Helps build your brand • Disseminates content • Complies with ACCME mandates

  • Multiple layout options • Ability to categorize content • Users can track online activities

  • Content can be displayed from anywhere on the web • Deliver content in any media format

  • Add online programs • Include live events • Generate PARs reports • Complete back office utilities

  • Report on all aspects of usage • Registration of live events • PARS • All testing and assessments • Evaluations

Features and Functionality

User-Friendly Interface

The system allows participants to register easily so they can search, select and participate in CME activities and programs. These registrants can then use the system to track their CME activities as well as be notified when new and similar content becomes available. System can be used for registration and tracking of live events.

Types of Programs

The system supports a wide variety of formats including synchronized slide shows, PDFs, webcasts and videos. The programs can be streamed or downloaded from any server on the internet. Regardless of the location of the content, it is managed by our system and enveloped with those elements required including:

  • Needs assessment
  • Goals and objectives
  • Faculty information
  • Pre-test
  • Post-test
  • Evaluations
  • Certificate
Reporting Functions

The system tracks all usage for full activity reporting with easy upload to the PARs system of the ACCME. Pre-test, post-test, and evaluation results are graphically displayed for easy reporting to program sponsors and accreditors.

Back Office Utilities

The system provides all the tools necessary for authorized agency personnel to:

  • Add and edit programs
  • Update and change home pages
  • Create surveys, pre-tests, post-tests, evaluations and certificates
  • Email members and select participants
  • Produce all reports
  • Upload PARs information to ACCME

Many of these reports will help you manage your business, including the registration effort for live events.

Live Events

The system can be used for limited registration of live events or can be integrated with the Blue Grotto Meeting Management System. This integration will help registration and registrant/attendee communications to support your ongoing relationships.

Satellite Website

You can seamlessly integrate a program on our system into a separate website.