Blue Grotto Technologies, Inc. - Intelligent Lead Management

The Intelligent Lead Management System

Blue Grotto Technologies has provided technological exhibit services to the life sciences industry since it was founded in 1996. Our technology and services have often been used to identify, educate, inform, detail and fulfill requests of booth visitors. As part of this process, we have always had to track and identify these visitors by reading their badges.. Our new product takes that to a whole new level. The BGT Intelligent Lead Management system (iLMS) is a platform that greatly enhances your ability to collect, analyze, and distribute attendee badge data.

Intelligent Lead Management System

  • Can be configured at the show/exhibit to work on stand-alone PCs or iPod/iPad/iPhone
  • Data collected can exist on local or cloud based server
  • Allows for real-time or batched distribution of show leads
  • Hosts programmable applications - Surveys, literature distributions, etc
  • Facilitates request for information (works with the BGT iPad signature app)
  • Provides complete compliance data from show, for reporting

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Features and Functionality

Basic Data Collection

The system will allow a PC with a scanner or an iOS with a scanner (or internal camera) to collect badge data. The PC can be standalone or connected to the internet via the cloud.

Programmable Integrated Applications: Surveys, Literature Request, etc

After the iLMS scans a badge, the badge data can be transferred to a variety of integrated applications. The applications are modular in nature and customizable for any environment

Instant NPI or Master List Identification

Badge data can be entered directly into an NPI search

Real-time and Post-Show Processing

Once badge data is collected, and surveys or requests administered, the system can be used to process that information which can include reconciliation with physicians' NPI number, determination of physician status for rep at the booth, or distribution of leads or requests.

API data access and triggering

Once badge and integrated application data is collected it can be distributed via API (cloud-based or internal network). Triggered events allow external applications to accept badge input in real time.


By comparing survey data with rep data and attendee participation in previously delivered initiatives, you'll be able to assess and determine the effectiveness of those communication methods.

Manage Requests and Record Giveaways

Our technology can be used to track and report booth giveaways as well as facilitate requests, making it easy to comply with sunshine laws and regulations regarding information requests

On-Site Support

On-site programming to administer the system and customize according to your needs is available.