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Intelligent Lead Management Center Case Study

Intelligent Lead Management


A pharmaceutical company wanted to fill requests for information from their exhibit booth during a congress. They had many communications pieces designed for a variety of audiences.

  • Accept requests for information at exhibit
  • Make sure only appropriate information was offered
  • Make sure information was delivered


There was a large selection of materials to be offered and delivered. However, the information was highly regulated in terms of geography and who could receive it. All requests had to be recorded and, and scientific personal notified of items being delivered to physicians in their territory.

  • Offer proper selection of material
  • Record requests
  • Process requests
  • Forward requests to field personnel


We needed to scan the visitors badge, ascertain the visitor’s country and occupation then determine what materials they could select. The system would then record the selection, send the selection to the fulfillment house, generate a receipt, and send a copy to proper field personnel.

  • Scan badge for information with iPad
  • Display selection on iPad
  • Record selection to a database on our server
  • Forward selection to fulfillment house
  • Generate receipt and print or email
  • Forward to field representative


We used the iLMS platform to facilitate badge scanning with our iPad scanning application, and then based on the country and occupation; use the iPad to offer visitors a list and description of each piece of content with ability to order content. After confirmation of the system generated a receipt and stored the request for retrieval by a fulfillment house. At the same time proper U.S. field personnel was forwarded the request.

  • Scan badge with iPad
  • Display appropriate choices on iPad
  • Select choices on iPad
  • Store selection on iLMS server
  • Email selection to appropriate rep


Several 100 requests were handled and executed flawlessly with no paperwork and relatively little effort.

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