Blue Grotto Technologies, Inc. - Online Learning and Training

Online Learning and Training for Life Science Professionals

Blue Grotto Technologies has been providing technology to enhance the education, training, and certification of medical and sales professionals for over 10 years. Our online learning technologies incorporate presentations, tests, and interactive gaming challenges.

The Blue Grotto Learning Management System will help

  • Protect your investment in your employees
  • Document your efforts to ensure responsible representation in the field, either from employees or surrogates (ie, speakers)
  • Maintain a consistent messages from your representatives
  • Identify weaknesses and areas of knowledge that require greater focus

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  • Our training centers include a plethora of services such as: • Presentations • Games/ Challenges • Resources • Testing

  • Display content in any media format.

  • Tests can: • Be self-correcting or require a passing grade • Randomly select from a pool of questions • Include essay responses that can be scored by reviewers

  • As training and professional career development is typically an ongoing process, our training centers often expand to include other resources.

Features and Functionality

Assign and Follow Curriculum

A series of courses and tests can be assigned to a specific learner along with rules for their participation (ie, curriculum, pre-requisites). The system provides automatic notification to specified personnel regarding the status of a specific learner (ie, a manager when a sales rep passes a test).

Content Delivery

At the heart of the system is the ability to deliver a course. As part of our offering, we often aid in the production of these courses.

Administer Tests

The system will administer tests in several ways. This can include a time limit, randomized questions, limited tries, minimum scores for passing, etc. We handle the triaging necessary for essay tests as well.

Delivery of Remedial Content

Based on a learner's performance on a test, or elapsed time since they have taken a course, remedial information can be delivered to them.

Document and Certify Participation

As all activity is logged, and all test scores recorded, with certification, including printing of a certificate documenting the effort necessary to comply with management directives.

Competitive Challenges

Interactive games are often added to our site to enhance the learning process. These work particularly well with groups that tend to be competitive.


The system provides full reporting on all activity.