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Custom Programming


A pharmaceutical manufacturer is marketing a "specialty pharmaceutical product". Third party payment for this product requires the application of a burdensome protocol, which includes approval, testing, and appropriate outcomes.

  • Manufacturer offers a specialty pharmaceutical product


The protocol that had to be implemented required rigorous participation from the physician, pharmacy, labs and the patient. All aspects of diagnosis, outcomes, prescribing and usage had to be documented.

  • Had to follow payer mandated protocol
  • Doctor managed protocol
  • Protocol management required participation from pharmacy, labs and patients
  • Protocol includes documentation of diagnosis, collaborative finding, outcomes and compliance


The physician's office has to coordinate the effort to support the product, including coordinating the delivery of the product from the pharmacy with the patient's scheduled visit. It also includes patient evaluations and lab tests to justify continued use of the product.

  • Database of patient and supplier information
  • Listing of protocols for each specialty product
  • Scheduling of key dates for required events including reorder of product, evaluations, tests, treatments
  • Report indicating to do items as well as patient progress


Blue Grotto created and supported a PC application that was distributed to clinics that organized the effort necessary to manage specialty pharmaceutical products. This includes applying patient and supplier information to schedule key events. It included the follow up and reporting efforts as well.

  • Alleviation of the burden necessary to prescribe the specialty pharmaceutical product
  • Software program distributed to clinics
  • Support for that software program


Prescription writing for the specialty pharmaceutical product became less burdensome for the physicians' office, enabled more efficient scheduling, and created overall good will.

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